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Case Study


"What time is it" changed to "TimeKick", mobile app

Problem to solve

The TimeKick app allows users to customize their phone’s alarm by integrating with Siri to hear the time and a countdown in increments they choose. A challenge as the UI designer was working remotely with a client and developer I’d never met in person. 


Goal setting 

I worked with the client to determine the goals, scope and constraints of TimeKick, as well as how to market the product. I used PowerPoint to share mockups and collaborate with the client to refine the design.

Prototyping and logo design

For efficiency, I designed the logo and the UI at the same time and shared prototypes with my client to narrow down UI approaches to time selection, then created high-fidelity wireframes. At that point, I wireframed the entire flow of the app in several screens.


Production and development

After each screen for the app was designed, I created mobile assets for all iOS retina and non-retina screens. I also included screens for error states, settings and information dropdown. The engineer and I communicated via Skype and email to nail down development and production.


Final thought

This project challenged me to effectively translate my long-distance client’s conceptual ideas into mockups using tools such as PowerPoint. My client loves the app -- and I loved designing a product from the ground up.