UX Work

Case study 1. At VCU, University Relations Department, process and work plan.

Was a strong contributor, conceiving and executing this process and work plan. As the UX/UI designer I was responsible for developing the implementation of all the areas that is highlighted in a red box. With every project, we go through this system. I collaborate with my teammates to build the appropriate and successful User Experience vision.

Case study 2. VCU Brandcenter

VCU Brandcenter wanted to refresh their website to better reflect their new brand and visual style, highlight their programs, Improve user experience for prospective students, recruiters, and the general public, be responsive across all mobile devices and be differentiation from other universities.


Case study 3. VCU Make it real

Primary goal:

  • Drive recruitment of high-caliber students and faculty to the university.

  • Recruitment of high-caliber students and faculty is a goal that aligns with the VCU’s Quest for Distinction.

  • Niche marketing opportunity will be offered to four schools/units to support and be part of the campaign.

Case study 4. Time Kick app

The TimeKick app allows users to customize their phone’s alarm by integrating with Siri to hear the time and a countdown in increments they choose.

Case study 5. EchoStorm web applications

While working at Echostorm, I was there only UX/UI designer for a "brand new" web-based-software "never been done before" product. The final product was software that captured, standardized, processed, fused, and distributed video, images, and data from aerial drones or unmanned vehicles. Being that it was 2004-2010, I had no guidance from other professionals in the field of UX to learn from. Our UX team consists of me, the senior software architect and VP of business development. This was an exciting time for me, I learned at a tremendous pace and used all my skills as a designer to think intuitively and designed for new emerging technology. 

User Interface Designer  •  User Experience Designer  •  Digital Designer  •  Illustrator  •  Creative Direction

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