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I am a Senior User Experience, Senior User Interface Designer and a UX Design Manager that bridges the gap between customers, business problems and technology. My passion is to create easy to use solutions for web projects and digital products that are successful, on budget and launched on time.

As a UX design advocate and mentor, my goal is to guide junior designers, to be consistent with UX definitions and processes and speak on improving UX maturity as a career field. 



Chase MyHome, Is a website that the customer can explore homes, create a offer letter, compare different loan types, rates and payment options based on their buying power strength and fill out a loan application. 


This product is currently under development. This link is password protected If you need further details, please contact me directly on LinkedIn.


This division of Luck Companies sells crushed stone to commercial construction sites, road builders, and residential builders. Their business consists of extracting rock from quarries, crushing it, and delivering it to job sites.

Tasked: To create a customer dashboard web site that is mobile friendly. Including an ordering application, a view of orders today and that has real time tracking section.

LS Design System - Artboard A - Desktop1

Virginia Commonwealth University, Brandcenter is widely considered the nation’s most demanding, progressive, and acclaimed graduate program in advertising. 

Tasked: I was the lead designer on rebranding of the Brandcenter website. I ensured the design was a companion piece to their new “secret society” branding.


Virginia Commonwealth University, Compass, is the university web framework that brings consistency in branding and structure to VCU’s web presence.

Tasked: Worked as a designer to design and structure the framework and design system that provides the building blocks to create a VCU websites.

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