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VCU Branding

Make it real web site. Ask the user what is your it?


Make it real website was part of a marketing plan for the university to attract more student enrollment.

Navigate VCU campus

This web site was designed to help the user navigate through the Academic Campus during the UCI Bike race.

Navigate VCU Health Campus

This web site was designed to help the user navigate through the Medical Campus during the UCI Bike race. I got to experiment with google maps api.

VCU Lifescience

Set of three website for Life Science department at VCU.

VCUBranding MockUp

Exploring in the VCU Brand by adding a graphical element that will work with existing logos and department marks.

Rodney the Ram stills

Rodney the Ram is VCU mascot. I got to animate the character in several social media campaign ads.

Mission Keeper

Prototype for Mission Keeper. A pure cloud-based, highly secure and collaborative environment for all your video and data regardless of source.

Mission caster lets users broadcast live video and data from any drone or robotic platform. You can schedule a mission, chat, share, see flight on a map and see the weather in your area.

KSIVideo Style Guide

Style guide for the branding of KSI Video and KSI data sciences.

Mission caster marketing material

Mission caster two page flyer.

KSIVideo Identity

KSI Branding - logo design, brochures and business cards

Executive presentation

Screens from the investor brief, executive presentation.


I was the Art Director and UI designer for EchoStorm, a software technology company that produced web applications such as adLIB, Convene, FunnelCloud and Multiplayer.

Echostorm Multiplayer web app

This is a mockup of the web app, Mutiplayer. I designed the UI and icons for this product.

EchoStorm Brand Identity

As art director I designed the logo and branding for the company. Supported 25 sales staff with marketing materials.

EchoStorm Marketing flyers

Variety of EchoStorm flyers.


Skitter.TV's Media Player software offers one environment for everything. On one screen, you can see Web video, live TV, movies on demand, local radio, Internet radio, even photos. Can use Skitter.TV on your television, your computer, your gaming console or your mobile device.

SkitterTV Main menu

Designed the UI for this Media Player software. Had to consider in the design that the navigation was done with a remote control.


Collaborated with the senior programmer to create a user interface that was TV screen and computer screen compatible. This is the channel select screen.

Skitter TV program guide

This is the program guide screen.


This is the video player screen.

Cox logo

I was brought into the project to create a new iPad app that closely resembles their existing set top box application and yet to adhere to branding guidelines. My responsibilities as their freelance UI/UX designer was to reviewed usability studies of the existing set top box interface. Worked with the director of video engineering to white board an user journey and document the UI in an information architecture document.

UI/UX Cox Connect Flow Chart

User journey flow chart for Cox Connect Ipad app.

Cox Connect UX Notes

A page from the Information Architect Document

Cox Connect Screen

Final design for the program guide for the Cox TV Connect iPad app.

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